Creator 💻 . Traveler 🌎 . Wonderer 💭.
I design and build intuitive, user first software.

The best projects are ones that customers love. I enjoy being outside and know that I am my best when I start my day there. I really enjoy psychology and how humans operate. Long on VR / AR, creator tools, eCommerce, blockchain, personalized healthcare, eSports, alternative medicine, work force / remote work enhancements, and blending atoms and bits.

Work 🏃

Republic (Current)

Senior Software Engineer

Equity Crowdfunding Platform


Software Engineer

Equity Crowdfunding Platform


Product Engineer

Enterprise Sales & Demo Enablement

Startups 🔎



A Gamified Productivity Tool

Ryze (Dead)


Personal Relationship Manager

Contract Work 📃


Help People Crush Student Loans

IT Lifecycle Management

IT Portal to manage asset access and lifecycle

Lambda Projects 🎓

Space Beez (Lambda MUD)

A Multi-User Dungeon Game

We Got This Cleaning

Customer Database and Scheduling Application

All The Job Sites

Job site aggregator


Providing Employees control of their snacks!


Connecting employers with prisoners

Salty Hacker News

Analysis of saltiness of Hacker News Comments

Guess Who Game

Twitter based mobile game for entertainment

Content I've created 🛠

Thi is a short list of articles, videos, and other items I've made that I'm proud of

3D Models

Articles I've written

When is your startup dead?

The summer of last year is when I had to finally accept that my startup that I had worked on for the past 2 years was finally dead. $0.00 in revenue after 2 years, no significant user base, and no...

Influential Material 🔮

This is a short list of resources that have made an impact on my thinking and psychology as a person.

Get In Touch 📬

If you're looking to work on a project, or inquiring about previous work I've done, do not hesitate to reach out. I do my best to respond to all emails within 24 hours.