An employee driven snack subscription service

Snackify is a B2B snack subscription service. Snackify companies to provide snacks to their employees while also enabling their employees to choose their own snacks increasing morale and fun!


Stripe Payments

Allows a user to put in payments

View All Snacks

Returns a paginated response of all snacks scraped from Sam's Club

View Company Selected Snacks

Users can view snacks selected by the company

Database Design

Simple of the database design


  • Design base UI / UX
  • Design Database Design
  • Document Endpoints
  • Build All Endpoints
  • Deploy Server


  • Start to finish in 4 days
  • Stripe Implemented
  • Scraped Sam's Club website for snacks
  • Excellent Documentation with Slate
  • Built Snack Management Front End

Back End Tech

  • Node
  • Express
  • Express-Sessions
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • Stripe
  • Knex
  • Bcrypt

Testing Tech

  • Jest
  • SuperTest
  • Cross-Env

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