Fundify is an equity crowdfunding portal to allow .

I joined Fundify as the third full stack engineer primarily focusing on the front-end. Coming onboard I immediately implemented Storybook in order to speed up component creation and increase product / engineering communcation. I then used Storybook and Jest to increase code-coverage by 600%. Currently I am primarily responsible for researching and implementing all front-end features.



The main page for viewing available startups

Campaign Page

The main page Reg-CF page for a startup raising capital

Outside US Investors

Form field built to support users from outside the US

Figma design work

During a sprint, I filled in for our designer to design and review a new feature which I then implemented


  • Execute on feature requests and stories
  • Increase front-end test coverage
  • Assist with mockups and design for features
  • Review MRs


  • Increased front-end test coverage by 600%
  • Designed and implemented ability to accept international investments
  • Implemented Storybook.js to increase product / engr communication

Tech Stack:

Front End

  • SSR React
  • React Router
  • Redux
  • Storybook
  • Jest
  • Webpack

Back End

  • Typescript
  • Express
  • Sequelize
  • Kubernetes

Dev Ops / Deployment

  • AWS
  • Gitlab Runners
  • Rollbar

Third Paty Services

  • FundAmerica
  • FullStory
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Chromatic

Get In Touch 📬

If you're looking to work on a project, or inquiring about previous work I've done, do not hesitate to reach out. I do my best to respond to all emails within 24 hours.