A Personal Relationship Manager

The motivation for the application was to create a mobile application that helped people build better relationships outside of a sales context. After 2 years, and no sales, we had to shut down the project. At this time, the application is no longer available.


Organize Relationships

The app mimic'd our mental models in terms of relationships

Sharing Articles

We knew that building relationships requires exchanging value.

Following Up

The user could customize their "follow up" cadence

Relationship Context

Knowing when / who to reach out to when gives the user confidence in their relationships as a whole


  • Everything Including:
  • Front End Development
  • Design UI / UX
  • Raise Money
  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Service


  • Built mobile applicaiton with React Native, Apollo, and GraphQL
  • Grew user base to over 3000 users with $0 marketing budget
  • Designed over 2000 full sketches for entire mobile and desktop applicaiton
  • Secured access to over $100,000 in funding
  • Conducted over 500 customer interviews


  • React Native
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • Yoga
  • AWS EC2's
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing

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